How to Prevent Stains & Care for Your Marble Vanity Tops!

How to Prevent Stains & Care for Your Marble Vanity Tops!

Marble has been used in home furniture and décor for centuries. Marble is one of the most sought after and desirable surfaces, and for good reason. However, as with anything beautiful, there is required maintenance to keep your marble pristine. This isn’t a task you want to take lightly. You won’t want to let just anyone handle your marble surfaces. The material is quite expensive and needs special care when being maintained or repaired. This is where American Stone Kare comes in! American Stone Kare specializes in Marble Restoration and Marble Refinishing in Margate. Whether it’s a vanity top or marble flooring, American Stone Kare has the tools and the experts to return it to its pristine nature.

Whether you already have marble vanities, or you’re looking to purchase them, you’ll need to know how to care and maintain the stone to the best of your ability. Because marble is quite pricey, it’s not a stone that you’ll want to lay anything on. It’s very porous, meaning that water frequently landing on the surface isn’t recommended. To ensure your marble vanity stays fresh for as long as possible, then you may want to follow some tips to keep your marble shiny. First, you need to make sure the marble is sealed. Although seals can help resist stains, it doesn’t automatically make it stain-proof, as marble is delicate and sensitive. If your marble vanity top is not sealed, then you need to contact American Stone Kare, who are experienced in sealing marble surfaces and protect again stains.

If your marble vanity top is sealed, you need to make sure the surface is protected. This is where the required maintenance comes in to keep your marble pristine. Ideally, you would use coasters and cutting boards to eliminate any ability for substances to stain your vanity top. If stains start to appear, then you may need to have your marble vanity top refinished by the professionals at American Stone Kare!

Marble vanity tops that don’t have excess stains and obvious wear still need to be cleaned. After hiring American Stone Kare to help refinish your marble, they will give you recommendations on cleaners so that your marble can look pristine for as long as possible. Finally, you should clean up any spills or spots immediately after they have occurred. By spot treating, you can keep your marble pristine longer. However, a professional spot treatment by American Stone Kare is the best way to make sure your marble is clean and stays fresh longer.

Whether you are simply looking to give your vanity and countertops a fresh, clean, finish, or you are in the process of renovating your space altogether, American Stone Kare has years of experience to take care of your new or old counter and vanity tops. Trends come and go, but the use of marble has stood the test of time. 

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