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When you’re looking for flooring aspects, we’re the team to work with. Our company has been servicing marble floors throughout South Florida, from Key West to Jupiter. We know that marble floors are common in these parts, and our years of experience make us highly qualified to perform any task. Whether you’re looking for a finished matte, a polished floor, restorations, or a simple cleaning and maintaining, American Stone Kare can be the team you choose. Some of the other services we offer are grout cleaning and colors, restoring countertops and vanities, repairing holes, caulking bathtubs and showers, as well as working with terrazzo floors, concrete floors, ceramic floors, porcelain floors, and more!

How Does American Stone Kare Restore Marble Floors?

When it comes to restoration, there are plenty of companies out there who can do the job. However, what most companies can’t do is provide excellent services at affordable prices, all while doing the job with a smile on their face! At American Stone Kare, we can! There’s nothing more exciting than knowing that you’re going to have your marble floors restored. Often, people need restorations when they move into an older home or when the flooring has been severely damaged. Yet, when marble floors are brand new or restored, they present a nice, smooth, reflective finish that’s perfect for any South Florida home.

Marble Restoration Margate

Here’s how it works

Professional Stone Cleaning & Restoration

First, the property will need to be searched for any loose or broken tiles. Generally, these are sure signs that the floor has been damaged or is simply old. Exerts will remove or replace the broken tiles and strip the grouting that surrounds the pieces. While the tiles are up, it’s a good idea for experts to clean the flooring underneath. This includes any small elements of debris, or any dirt that has been accumulated. Additionally, using a rotary tool will help to remove any remaining, dried, mortar, so that new mortar can be placed.

After the floor has been appropriately cleaned, a professional will spread a thin layer of mortar. Then, the expert will relay the tiles. It’s imperative that a professional do this work, as it will need to match up perfectly with the existing tiles. After the tiles are secure, it’s time to re-grout. Again, having a professional do this work will ensure that the grout matches the rest of the flooring. Grout doesn’t try quickly, which is why installers usually wait two hours prior to removing any grout that made way onto the tiles. Therefore, if you see your tile a grouted mess, don’t worry! The installers will need to wait 24-hours before they can continue with the marble restoration process.

To remove scratches, experts will take a 100-grit sandpaper to a rotating sander and run the machine over the tiles. This will leave little lines on the flooring, as it grinds away at the top layer of the marble. The sandpaper is then switched for 150-grit paper, which will take away the small lines. Lastly, a sandpaper of 220-grit is used to smooth the tiles once more. After the removal and restoration of the surface, experts will place a polishing pad to a rotator. After this process, a thin layer of stone-sealant will be placed to prevent future staining. Flooring will need to dry for 48-hours.

A few of these steps are used for simple cleanings, maintenance upkeeps, and even replacements. At American Stone Kare, we work with clients consistently who are in awe of how different their dingy floors can look after an appointment! We take dull to beautiful in no time!