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Natural Stone Polishing Margate

Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo floors are incredibly beautiful, and generally, people who find them during remodels tend to keep them. However, they can be challenging to repair, which is why it’s recommended to have an expert present. Terrazzo reached its peak in the 20th century, especially in Europe. It was a low cost, efficient option for many homeowners. As a post-war option, the 1920s, 30s, 50s, and 70s, saw plenty of this particular surface. Terrazzo is one of the most durable flooring options, which is what makes them repairable. Terrazzo is essentially stone or glass that is mixed into concrete or resin, making it a strong option. At American Stone Kare, we can bring your Terrazzo floors to life! It’s a flooring to keep Florida homes cool! We offer cleanings, repairs, and restorations.

Marble Floors

Whether you’re building a home or you’re building a business, marble is one of the most popular floor choices today. When you’re dealing with flooring, you won’t want just anyone to maintain or repair. The reason being is that marble flooring is expensive. If someone doesn’t do a quality job, you may be spending thousands replacing, repairing, or even ripping out that flooring. To avoid any additional costs, it’s best to hire professionals that you know can deliver. No matter what you’re looking for when it comes to your marblefloors, bathtubs, surfaces, vanities, and countertops, American Stone Kare is here to help.

Marble Floor Polishing Margate
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Concrete Floors

Whether you’re building a home or you’re building a business, concrete is one of the most popular floor choices today. It’s durable consistency and industrial finish makes it a desirable choice. However, concrete can look worn over time, especially when used in commercial spaces. At American Stone Kare, we specialize in rejuvenating concrete flooring. We can remove any scratches and we can even work to remove stains. Homeowners who are remodeling may find concrete under ceramic flooring, and they may decide to keep them! A modern look, concrete flooring can add to the ambiance of any home. Our team will bring concrete floors from flat to shining in no time!

Ceramic Floor

Ceramics are complicated because they often come with many grooves, textures, and roughness. Dirt can easily get trapped inside of the crevices, making it seem impossible for homeowners to clean the tiles. Fortunately, with American Stone Kare, we can work to polish, clean, and revitalize your home or business. We use a heavy floor machine with a soft brush and soap. This machine will remove all traces of dirt, giving you a shining, glowing, clean floor.

Professional Marble Polishing Margate
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Porcelain Floor

Like ceramic, porcelain can be complicated to clean. Often, porcelain comes with grout that is worn, dirty, faded, or simply falling apart. With the help of American Stone Kare, we can make your porcelain floors seem brand new! Is there dirt stuck in the grout? Is the grout falling out? We’ll use a heavy floor machine with a hard brush to remove any traces of dirt from your floors. If the tiles need to be re-grouted, you can rest at ease that our team is a one-stop-shop in that department.