3 Signs Your Marble Countertop is in Need of Professional Restoration

3 Signs Your Marble Countertop is in Need of Professional Restoration

Marble countertop, it’s gorgeous and adds a luxurious charm to any home. It hides dirt and can last for the long haul, but the long haul doesn’t mean forever. There are tons of understandable reasons for why people choose marble over the many kinds of countertop materials out there. It’s even rare these days to enter a newly built home and see anything but marble. But, with all this positive talk about marble, we need to add a little dose of reality. Marble, like any other countertop style, is not going to last forever. There will come a day where your gorgeous marble countertop is going to need a little restoration. This reality check isn’t to say that you mistreat it or went with the wrong countertop, just that life happens, and nothing lasts forever.

Although, with a little bit of restoration from American Stone Kare, located in Margate, Florida, you can have peace of mind that your marble can look as good as new. And if you aren’t sure how to know when your marble needs restoration, keep reading.

  • Your Marble Has Scratches

One of the clear, physical signs that your marble is ready to be restored is if it has scratches on it. You may be wondering how scratches happen and what you did wrong. However, try and not beat yourself up about it. Scratches are a normal part of countertop wear and tear. The only way you would not have any scrapes on your countertop is if you never used it, not even once. Even one use on the countertop can result in a scratch. While marble can hide many of the scratches and other general wear and tear, there comes a time where things get noticeable. The luxurious pattern of the marble can only hide so much for so long. During the restoration process, we can buff out those scratches and give you some tips on how to avoid them. We also have suggestions on products to use when you notice a scratch. Sometimes you can get rid of the small ones without any professional help.

  • Holes and Cracks

While many scratches can be hidden or remain unseen for long, holes and cracks are a whole different ball game. You will notice these immediately and trust us; they are unsightly. As soon as you see any holes or gaps in your marble, you are probably going to want to find ways to hide it temporarily. We get it. Sometimes one small gap is something we don’t want others to see but something we also cannot justify fixing. But, when it gets to be multiple holes and cracks, with no way of fixing it, it’s time to have your marble restored. These marks happen on the marble as another wear and tear situation. However, unlike the scratches, these are a little bit more avoidable. If you already have this issue, then know that you will get advice during the restoration on how to avoid it happening again. You more than likely did not know how to prevent it, to begin with, which is common among those with marble countertops.

  • The Marble is Dull

Something many people deal with overtime is their marble dulling. This situation is normal as marble does not retain its natural shine forever. Although, there are ways to bring out the shine, even when years have passed. A restoration coupled with regular cleaning will do the trick. If you aren’t sure which products to use on the marble, don’t worry. We will go over this information with you during the restoration. 

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