The Best Stone Care Company in South Florida

The Best Stone Care Company in South Florida

Marble Restoration 

American Stone Kare specializes in marble restoration and is ready to transform our damaged flooring back to look like new again! American Stone Kare restores your marble floor through a series of steps. First, our professionals review your marble flooring for any loose or damaged tiles. Once assessed, they remove the damaged tiles and thoroughly clean the underneath area for the new tile installation. Once the new tiles have been installed, one of American Stone Kare’s professionals re-grouts the entire floor to ensure there are no gaps or loose tiles left. American Stone Kare then uses a machine to clean and remove any scratches on all the tiles together. Stone sealant is placed after the cleaning to prevent future staining, and voilá! Your marble floor looks just like it did when you moved in. Clients are always in awe of the difference their marble floor looks after American Stone Kare has restored it, and for a good reason. At American Stone Kare, we turn dull to beautiful in no time!

Concrete Flooring 

A popular choice for flooring in South Florida is concrete. Seen in both residential and commercial buildings, concrete is known for its durable consistency and modern finish. Although durable, concrete can accumulate wear and appear worn out over the years. Luckily, American Stone Kare offers concrete cleaning for both residential and commercial buildingsAmerican Stone Kare’s professionals will rejuvenate your concrete floor by removing visible scratches and stains. With clean concrete flooring, concrete flooring can add to the ambiance of any home. Don’t hesitate, call American Stone Kare today to make your concrete look like new again! 

Porcelain Flooring  

Similar to ceramic, porcelain is a common flooring material for South Florida homes. However, porcelain can be difficult to maintain and clean. Over time, porcelain becomes worn, dirty, and faded. Using heavy floor machines with hard brushes, American Stone Kare can adequately remove any traces of dirt from your floorsThis machine will remove all traces of wear from your porcelain floor and make it shine and glow again. On top of our cleaning, iany of the tiles need to be re-grouted, our professionals will re-grouted and reseal your loose tiles so your floors can be just as they were when you moved in. 

American Stone Kare provides cleaning services for marble, ceramic, porcelain, and concrete. We also offer a variety of services for marble, saturnia, terrazzo, granite, ceramic tile, and grout! With over 25 years of experience, American Stone Kare has been serving the people of South Florida from Key West to Jupiter. Visit our website at for a free quote and assessment of what your project is likely to cost.