Remodel your Bathroom with a New Vanity Top in Margate

Remodel your Bathroom with a New Vanity Top in Margate

There are several components that work together into a cohesive, stylish, and useful bathroom design. If you’re remodeling your home’s bathrooms, chances are you’re focusing most of your attention on the tub and shower. While these spaces are incredibly important, there are other bathroom design elements that must be considered. The true underdog of your bathroom sits right around the sink, it’s your vanity top! A bathroom vanity is the core component of your bathroom, working as a functional and aesthetic element. 

At American Stone Kare, we believe that quality vanities can make all the difference in the overall usefulness and beauty of a bathroom. If you’re ready to bring your bathroom remodeling to the next level, consider picking out one of our vanity tops in Margate.

The bathroom vanity is like the kitchen sink of the bathroom, you spend a lot more time there than you realize. Whether you’re washing your hands, brushing your teeth, applying makeup, shaving, or simply looking in the mirror, you’ll be standing right at your bathroom vanity when you do so. With so much time spent in front of your vanity, it’s important to have a vanity that is up to the challenge of constant use. 

When you’re choosing your bathroom vanity top, it’s important to consider the durability of whichever material you’re choosing. Granite and quartz are excellent materials for bathrooms and kitchens alike because of their incredible strength. Both materials are highly scratch, chip, and heat resistant. Many homeowners choose quartz vanity tops due to their non-porous structure. Quartz vanity tops in Margate naturally repel fungus, mold, bacteria, staining, and many other destructive elements. Granite can be equally strong when routinely sealed for added durability.

A well-designed vanity top doesn’t just look good, it also enhances the overall functionality of your bathroom. Whether you need cabinetry beneath with additional storage or extra counter space, we have the Margate vanity tops that can meet your needs. Call us today to learn more about our vanity top options in Margate