Look No Further for Your Vanity Tops in Margate!

Look No Further for Your Vanity Tops in Margate!

Look No Further for Your Vanity Tops in Margate

It can be quite obvious when the countertops in your home have begun to experience signs of everyday wear and tear. Be it from preparing meals in the kitchen, cracks, and chips from dropping heavy items, or maybe they’re just beginning to look a bit dull. Whatever the case may be, American Stone Kare is here to get your vanity tops in Margate back into tip-top shape. With a team of licensed and insured professionals with over 25 years of experience in stone cleaning and restoration, all of the important surfaces in your home are in good hands.

Restoring Vanity Tops in Margate is Easy With American Stone Kare

Perhaps one of the most popular stones for use in home vanities and countertops is Marble. It is luxurious, timeless and ultimately quite durable. However, even the strongest of materials need a good cleaning every now and then. This isn’t a task you want to take lightly. You won’t want to let just anyone handle your marble surfaces. The material is quite expensive and needs special care when being maintained or repaired.

Out with the Old and In with the New

Whether you are simply looking to give your vanity and countertops a fresh, clean, finish, or you are in the process of renovating your space altogether, American Stone Kare has years of experience to take care of your new or old counter and vanity tops. As trends continue to change, new stone surfaces that require special kinds of care are becoming more popular.

As surfaces like butcher block, quartz, dark stone, or honed finishes become a familiar house-hold material, certain maintenance is required for the upkeep of each. If you want a treatment on your vanity top that is less glossy and hides fingerprints, a very specific finish treatment is needed. The same goes for the opposite, where a sleek shine is needed. Left in the wrong hands, your countertops could end up requiring additional costs if treated incorrectly.

Don’t Leave it to Chance

When it comes to your pricey, one-of-a-kind surfaces, it’s best to let the professionals do the hard work they are known for. If your vanity tops in Margate need a little makeover, allow American Stone Kare to give you a free quote and let our honest work speak for itself. Contact us today at 561-391-6362 or 954-935-5977 to make an appointment and have your surfaces sparkling in no time. When you choose American Stone Kare, you’re choosing a team you can trust. Now is the time to clean up your home, and you now know just the professionals to assist.