How Flooring Can Make or Break Your Home Remodel

How Flooring Can Make or Break Your Home Remodel

Transforming your current home into your dream home can be an exciting and fun task. However, how can you expect your dream home to fulfill your fantasy with old, worn flooring? You need to have your current flooring restored to properly begin your home remodel! American Stone Kare is here to help South Florida restore, refinish, or replace their current marble flooring today. Marble is a top choice for floors, as it is known for both its beauty and sustainability. If your marble floor is beginning to crack or needs to be polished, look no further than American Stone Kare. We are your go-to for marble restorer in Margate!


Marble Restoration

American Stone Kare specializes in marble restoration and is ready to transform your damaged flooring back to look like new again! When remodeling your house, you want to have your current marble flooring to look pristine, which American Stone Kare can do for you in a series of simple steps! The first step is to allow our professionals to review your marble flooring for any loose or damaged tiles. Once assessed, our professionals will remove the damaged tiles and thoroughly clean the underneath area for the new tile installation. After the new tiles have been installed, one of American Stone Kare’s professionals will re-grout your entire marble floor to ensure there are no gaps or loose tiles left. The next step is to clean all of the tiles together using the best machinery available. Finally, the stone sealant is placed after the cleaning to prevent future staining. Now your marble floor is pristine, restored, and ready to be the base for your dream home.


Ceramic Flooring 

American Stone Kare does not just restore marble flooring, we also provide installation and cleaning services for ceramic, porcelain, and concrete flooring too! Beginning with ceramic flooring, American Stone Kare’s professionals have years of experience with cleaning the crevices of ceramic flooring. Ceramic flooring is tricky because of the grooves, textures, and roughness of the ceramic material. Fortunately, with American Stone Kare, we can work to polish, clean, and revitalize your home or business. Our professionals use a heavy floor machine with a soft brush and soap to remove all traces of dirt, giving you a shining, glowing, clean floor.


Porcelain Floor 

Similar to ceramic, porcelain is a common flooring material for South Florida homes. Also similar to ceramic, porcelain can be difficult to maintain and clean. Where signs of wear and tear can appear on your porcelain floor overtime, American Stone Kare can turn your porcelain flooring to look brand new again. Using the most advanced technology and machinery, American Stone Kare can adequately remove any traces of dirt from your floors. Once cleaned and polished, our professionals will re-grout your porcelain tiles to further reverse time and make your floor appear pristine again!


Concrete Flooring

Finally, concrete flooring is a popular choice for both residential and commercial buildings. Notably for durable consistency and modern finish, many homeowners and business owners do not have their concrete floors properly cleaned as often as they should. Without timely cleanings, your concrete floor can accumulate wear, dirt, and appear faded. Luckily, American Stone Kare offers concrete cleaning for both residential and commercial buildings! American Stone Kare’s professionals will rejuvenate your concrete floor by removing visible scratches and stains. With a fresh, clean floor, your concrete flooring can add to the ambiance to your newly remodeled dream home! Don’t hesitate, call American Stone Kare today to make your concrete look like new again.

American Stone Kare’s professionals have years of experience in marble restoration services. From Jupiter to Key West, American Stone Kare has been providing Southern Florida residents with the best cleaning services for over 25 years! We don’t say a job is finished until you’re satisfied with a finished matte or polished, restored, clean and maintained floor. Affordable, prompt, and timely, allow American Stone Kare to restore your floor to add a little flair to your dream home. Call American Stone Kare today at (954) 935-5977 to schedule an appointment or visit our website at for a free quote and assessment of what your project is likely to cost!