Common Signs That Your Marble Surfaces Need Professional Service

Common Signs That Your Marble Surfaces Need Professional Service

Your marble floors, countertops, and wall covers are guaranteed to last a long time, but it’s natural for them to show signs of wear over the years. When scratch marks, cracks, or fissures appear, it can take away from the elegance and sophistication your marble fixtures were intended to achieve. The one downside to marble is that it requires more maintenance than other commonly used materials, such as granite and concrete. When you spot any obvious damage, correct it with professional marble polishing services in Margate. Look no further than American Stone Kare for all your marble needs, from restorations to basic cleaning and maintenance. Trust the team that has proudly serviced South Florida.

When do you know that marble polishing is in your future? The following are the most obvious signs that you should contact us regarding our services.


One of the most common signs of damage to marble surfaces and structures is scratches. One small scratch may not make a difference, but when you experience multiple, this can cause the material to look old, dirty, and far from elegant. We recommend treating minor scratches on your own, as they can easily be remedied with a few home solutions. Before contacting us, try:

  • Warm water mixed with mild soap applied directly to the scratch
  • Buffing the surface
  • Polishing the surface

However, deep scratches will require professional services. Our team provides excellent services at affordable prices. It is important to choose a team you can trust, as marble is an expensive material to work with. If you hire someone who lacks the appropriate credentials, you may end up spending more just to repair their inferior job and restore your marble to brand new.

Again, this material requires more maintenance than other surface materials, such as concrete and granite. As a result, we recommend you opt for regular cleaning and maintenance to repair unavoidable scratches.

Dull Appearance

Over time, even high-quality material will fade in appearance. Its once glossy appearance may diminish but the good news is it can be easily restored. What is the number one trick to reclaiming marble’s shine? Regular cleaning and polishing.

You can do this on your own, but we don’t advise that unless you know how to correctly clean marble. Furthermore, nothing beats the results of professional cleaning. We aren’t saying this just because we want your business. We’re saying it because it’s true. Our team uses top-of-the-line restoration products to ensure high-quality results. More importantly, we never use harmful ingredients that will further damage the material. Because we have years of experience and have “seen it all,” we know exactly what it takes to restore your dull marble to its former glory.

If your marble is dull, unfortunately, this can also mean that however you are treating it simply isn’t working. Don’t feel about this – after all, you are not licensed and insured to perform such tasks. You don’t have to be an expert at cleaning and polishing – just call one up at (954) 935-5977 and we’ll take it from there.


Marble is a popular material for kitchen countertops. As a result, it experiences a lot of wear and tear, much like everything else in the kitchen. Chips, cracks, and even tiny holes are not uncommon. Residential marble, while durable, is not the same quality as commercial marble, so hopefully, that’s not what you expected when you purchased a beautiful marble slab for your countertop.

While cracks and tiny holes are easy to repair, if you find them in multiple spots, it’s time to trust the professionals over a DIY kit. Again, professionals provide superior results that last longer.

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Our team is licensed and insured to perform high-quality, long-lasting stone cleaning and restoration services. When you want your counters, floors, wall covers, and other structures returned to their former glory, contact us about our marble polishing and maintenance services in Margate. Call (954) 935-5977 to learn more about our services.