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Are Marble Vanity Tops in Margate for You?

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Marble is one of the most beautiful stones in the world. It has been used for centuries, both artistically and architecturally. Still, this surface remains desirable, as it continues to capture attention and its value never decreases. However, marble might not be for everyone. What many people don’t know is that marble can be a challenge to keep in tip-top shape. Often, marble owners will need a professional marble restoration company, specializing in bringing the stone back to its former glory after a few years. If you already have marble vanity tops in Margate, for example, you may be noticing the need for a restoration service. If you’re considering marble in your bathrooms or kitchen, keep reading!  


Care and Maintenance for Marble Vanity Tops in Margate  


Whether you already have marble vanities, or you’re looking to purchase them, you’ll need to know how to care and maintain the stone to the best of your ability. Because marble is quite pricey, it’s not a stone that you’ll want to lay anything on. It’s very porous, meaning that water frequently landing on the surface isn’t recommended. Yet, if your vanity is made of marble, how is that possible? Fortunately, these next few tips are easy to do, and will simultaneously keep your marble surfaces in pristine shape for years to come.  


There are four steps to ensuring your marble surfaces stay in tip-top shape. You’ll need to seal the marble. While this can help resist stains, it doesn’t make it stain-proof. This is important to note, as marble is very sensitive. A marble restoration specialist, like the team at American Stone Kare, will have knowledge on which sealant is right for your surfaces, and what all they’ll help protect against.  


The second step is to protect the surface. This means taking excellent care of your marble. It’s almost as if you were taking care of fine, ancient woods. You wouldn’t sit just anything on them. In fact, you might even be a bit precautious about what is placed on top of them. Vinegar, tomatoes, and citrus are all substances you don’t want on your marble countertops and vanities. Use coasters and cutting boards, and always make sure to wipe up any liquids instantly.  


Tip three is with regard to cleaning. While granite countertops are quite strong and able to be cleaned with anything, Marble, on the other hand, is more specific. For example, cleaning with acidic sprays will stain your countertop, or wear the sealant thin. Instead, you can ask our marble restoration experts what they recommend when it comes to cleaning your precious surfaces.  


The last tip is to spot treat, which can be performed by a marble restoration professional. At American Stone Kare, we have years of experience cleaning all types of marble surfaces, from floors to vanity tops in Margate. Over time, no matter how clean and protective we are, our marble can naturally wear and tear. To restore your marble surfaces, contact the professionals at 954-935-5977. We’re here to make your old stone look brand new!

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